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Solar and wind power sollutions

Solar Panels

We now include MPPT controllers MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking which operates solar panels at their point of 'maximum power output'.

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Wind power systems

Our wind systems give you a full range of sollutions from small wind turbines to advanced systems for energy production.

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Retailers Abroad

You can find more specified information about air source heating pumps at our resellers.


Latest updates

The Solar Panel Installation Kit – this is included in our packages

Many times home owners shy away from buying solar panels because of their cost of installation. Manufacturers most often overcharge their customers when they are required to mount roof top electrical panels. Installation of solar panels is a relatively simple task that almost anyone can perform. It is therefore important to choose the right solar panel installation kit if you are to install the panel by yourself. In order to be able to perform this task, you need to understand the parts of the solar panel and also how to use the solar panel installation kits available in the market. Below are the main parts of a solar installation kit that you need to know: Solar Panels or Modules These are a packaged and connected assembly of photovoltaic cells. The panel may be used as a photovoltaic system layer which

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When Is Solar Panel A Good Alternative For Home Use? – The Answers Given

It is a proven fact that solar panels can be a very good alternative as an energysupply. This is why a lot of people, as well as those who own businesses, are deciding to switch from using regular electricity power sources to that of solar energy. This is because solar energy clearly has far more advantages to it,than other traditional energy sources, and these advantages are what does set itapart as a very unique form of energy in its own right. When is solar panel a goodalternative for home use? Some of the answers to this question will be given here, if only to shed light on both solar energy, as well as on context solar panelsthat do their best work at absorbing solar power from the sun itself. A renewable source The overall majority of the world’s energy supply

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Solar panel – invest in a source for free energy in the future

What is great about solar panels is very clear. Not only are they a renewable source of energy, they are also very environmentally friendly in every sense of the word. Therefore, if you do want to help protect the environment, as wellas save on money from an energy perspective. You should connect your heat pumpto solar panels right away. By doing this, you will be providing your own homewith not only a reliable energy source, but also with an energy source that isnatural and very clean in description. Profitable solution in the long run Solar panels can end up costing a pretty penny in the short term, from an investment aspect, but in the long term they will bring many endless advantagesalong with them that cannot be disputed. It is these endless advantages that will mean the most to all

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